Friday, October 28, 2016

Vudu Larder Cafe


This place right here!!! Vudu Larder Cafe is probably one of the best places I have ever enjoyed breakfast in all my travels. Have breakfast there just once and you are under their spell. Located on the pier in downtown Queenstown, Vudu will help you get off to a great start .

Their daily specials are enticing, fresh and oooh,  so delicious! Vudu actually grows their own herbs outside the door facing the pier. That was the first good sign of this great restaurant. The other is the line out the door. You stand in line in front of a case filled with homemade pastries and literally imagine yourself devouring every morsel! After placing your order, you can choose to sit inside or outside with view of the snow capped mountains and the lake. There are sometimes street musicians performing on the pier. On one of my frequent visits, the performer was a singer/ guitarist and his comically singing pooch!

Now for the food...Breakfast - Day 1:  Breakfast Hash. Poached egg atop of bacon, spinach, roasted cubed butternut squash with fresh herb sprinkles and think sliced dried tomatoes.  Day 2:  Organic scrambled eggs, bacon and potatoes on top of whole grain toast. Day 3: (and my favorite) spicy homemade chorizo sausage, sautéed mushrooms in a light cream sauce, topped with poached eggs, fresh herbs & feta cheese. All this with a base of fresh baked wheat bread! Day 4:  Buttermilk & buckwheat pancakes, topped with date caramel, raspberry & lemon mascarpone and half a roasted banana garnish. It this doesn't have your mouth watering, take a close look at the photos.

I cannot speak on any other breakfasts cafes in town. I'm sure they are good. But once Vudu gets its hold on you, it doesn't let go! And that fine by me.

5/5 Valcooks Aprons/Golden Apron Award

Vudu Larder Cafe (Original location)
23 Beach Street
Queenstown, NZ 

"Live life with an exclamation point!"

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